​​​Dark knight = Blackberry Kush x Blue Dream - 56 days, 24.3% THC




Remember the first time you had a Sugar overload? Maybe it was a

childhood birthday party where you had strawberry frosted

cupcakes, rainbow sherbert, orange soda, and red vines all in a few

hours. Maybe it was a High school pie eating contest when you ate

12 fresh blackberry pies with whip cream and chased it down with a

coke in 15 minutes. Maybe it was in college when you mixed fruit punch

concentrate with coconut rum, peach brandy, Cointreau and cassis

bitters to make the miracle mixed drink. Or Sadly, it may be the case

that you have gone through life without ever being overwhelmed by a

saturation of sweetness. this is your chance. The Dark knight gives you an opportunity to be blanketed by candied berries as you climb aboard the flavor train and putter down the frost covered tracks that lead to  Candy land. It's the adventure you never expected but have been preparing for your whole life.

Coming Soon

Peachy Romulan - Peachy phenotype of Authentic Romulan -

Next Generation Seeds - 24.27% THC

Strains, the undiscovered great ones
These are the diamonds of a lucrative enterprise
If your mission is to seek the unique and engage your senses
Then you should confidently cultivate something new
With Peachy Rom, Bold is an understatement.

Imagine an effervessent ripe peach cured to perfection the way Mother Earth

intended. Delicate hairs wrap a plump floral fruit oozing in succulent sap.

You can taste the peach with your nose, your eyes and when she really gives

you all she's got she's loud enough to engage you without a word. She draws

you close, lures your tongue with promises of a sensual sensations...and thats

the last thing you remember. When you wake you feel refreshed but not sure if

you'll ever look at a peach the same again. 

707 Headband- OG Kush x Original Sour Diesel (Santa Rosa Cut) - 27.55% THC, 5.02% terpenes 

Imagine that you are the Original Ocean Grown Gangster. You are unflappable, unapologetic and overpowering...and then one day things get even better! You are on a stroll minding your own business and out of nowhere your are struck by a celestial body from the Sour Patch Galaxy. Immediately you feel a change. Gamma rays penetrate your soul, and infuse it with lemon zest and lime oil. Your essence of gasoline and spice marry with the acid of your heart, and you have new captivating aromas. You grow faster, your get bigger, you weigh more, you taste great and your just as potent as ever. You're a little sweeter now and much easier to live with but make no mistake. Underneath that sugary hulked up exterior and fancy new name...you're still an OG.

Cookie Glue = Monster Cookies x Gorilla Glue #4 - 

Greenpoint Seeds - 58 days, 26.7% THC

Imagine for a second that you have the ability to combine any 2 things that

already exist to make 1 new thing that has never been seen before.

What kind of world would you create for yourself?...

Would you effortlessly walk the clean city streets in a pair of Guccivuittons or

Air Taylors? But why walk when you could drive ferrarighini, captain a

hoover-yacht, and pilot a space-helicoppter? You could stay at the RitzSeasons

and eat Lobster Fillet, Truffle souffle and drink Saffron Alize or if you prefer, live

in the Antarctic Jungle with your pet LionShark and help SuperBatman fight

victimless crimes?  You have got so many options; grow younger, print money

from home and achieve your goals without the work. Any way you frame it the

likely hood of really cool things happening in your world is High. And in a place

where bad weed doesn't exist and even the dandelions and crabgrass are chronic, you will create the finest cannabis anyone has ever tried. It will grow prolifically, yield tremendously, look electric, taste loud, and have the bag appeal to rival a Birkin.

This strain is Cookie Glue.

It will win a Cannabis Cup.  

Blue Cookies - Blueberries x Girl Scout Cookies - Bay area breeder.

People ask us why our image for Blue Cookies looks so sad...we say its because

this Blue Cookies isn't like any of her cookie friends. Blue Cookies grows differently.

She has an incredible root structure, unlike most Girl Scouts. She grows ferociously

with intention, much different from the Forum Cut. She yields massively chunky

calyx driven golfball sized buds unlike the gourmet popcorn produced by other

cookies...and those are just the little things that make her different. Visually stunning, 

she carries herself with confidence and stands out in a crowd. Furthermore, smelling 

and tasting this Blue Cookies cut is one of the most wonderfully overpowering terpene

experiences you'll ever have. We know that sounds bold but we also know our

Blue Cookies. "Loud" just doesn't do it justice. This strain is like Pavarati in a cave...

you can't igonre it. It penetrates your senses with a hyperbole of fermenting

berries leaving you stunned and amazed...and always wanting more.

Fire OG = SFV OG x OG Kush - 63 Days, 29.2%THC, 2.35% Terpenes

​This strain was acquired via trade with a longtime indoor grower in Oakland, Ca.

Butane, charcoal, and grease walk into a bar to consume as much THC as possible.

No joke. Swollen, juicy, and glistening, these flammable characters labor through the

resinous streets of Oakland waiting for the uninitiated. Recognized for concrete-like

bones, sandalwood cologne, and ability to infiltrate the highest level of tolerance - 

Fire OG has a cult following, too many copycats to name, and a reputation not to be

taken lightly.​​.. or heavilty for that matter. If you challenge this OG you might get

knocked out.

Gerry #3 - Banana OG x Strawberry Splits 

A passionate bay area grower named Gerry shared this cut with us. Just like us, Gerry has a relentless fetish for popping seeds and enjoys a good phenotype hunt. Gerry always has something interesting growing but he insisted we give a couple of these phenos a try. With a noticable red dot at the base of each healthy fan leaf and a distinct banana aroma, it was just too exciting to pass over. Gerry's seeds came from NorStar Genetics and was simply labeled banana OG x strawberry splits. He caught the NorStar guys at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa to ask them some questions but they admitted they had never grown it out and were curious themselves. We grew out enough seeds to notice some dramatically different phenotypes. #3 Was the hands down winner. It is tolerant of stress, tough as nails, fat, hairy and smells like a ripening banana just like Gerry himself. Just kidding Gerry :)

We really appreciate all of Gerry's hard work, time and passion in helping us vet genetics over the years. This strain reminds us all why we pop seeds in the first place...because we want something better. Gerry #3 is something better.

BerryWhite = White Widow x Blueberry - 52 days, 28.6%THC

This strain was gifted to us by a a old school grower in Northern California.

His advice to us was, "This one is special. Only share it with people you love".

If you combined two of the most legendary strains of all time you would have

HIGH expectations.

You would hope this plant has a short flower time.

You would like this plant to have an intense bouquet.

You would want this plant to have epic roots.

You would expect this plant to have tremendous yields.

You would desire this plant to have vibrant color.

You would insist this plant is potent.

You would demand this plant is the most satisfying strain of all time.

You might start to think this plant is impossibly imaginary.

It is not. This plant is Berry White.   

Every Strain Has A Story...

Royal Truth = Long Valley Royal Kush x The Truth

We made a deal.

For $1,400 and 3 full months of consulting with a very successful

greenhouse grower in Arcata, California we would receiveone cut of the Royal


It was a steal.

Of all the strains we have ever held in our possession this one is our favorite.

It grows like a beast, tastes like a feast, and was created by an artiste. It is the

epitome of Northern California cannabis. Thanks to Ras Truth's unique breeding

strategies, the world can enjoy a harmonious cacophony of compatible cannabis

characteristics. A melting pot of flavor, color, potency and magic, this strain in

unparalleled. Picture yourself just off the the Pacific Coast Highway standing in a

backyard surrounded by towering redwoods. An evergreen aroma blankets the


Your aromatic journey meanders through a menagerie of grilled lemons, pickled

plums, tamarind and Garberville blackberries. Gastronomically your taste buds are tickled by flavor fairies in the form of lavender oil, candy cap mushrooms and wildflower honey. 

As the name Royal Truth implies, this strain is a combination of some of the most sought after and closely guarded genetics in the world - Humboldt Purple Kush, Real Sour Diesel, Pre-Soviet Highland Afghani, Maui, Super Dawg, Pure Kush, OG Kush, Headband, and Diesel Afghani. 

If you are not familiar with legendary breeder Ras Truth and his masterpieces, The Truth and Royal Kush, check the link below for a mini education.

Better Cannabis Breeding by Ras Truth

FULL METAL JACKET - (White Widow x 1996 DJ Short Blueberry F3) x Fire OG - True Heritage Ceeds

This strain was developed in-house over a 3 year period in order to satisfy the connoisseur of connoisseurs. It started with a conversation about about car restoration and modification. Classic cars have so much class and style yet often lack the refinements of today's luxury vehicles. But if you have the budget and the knowhow, it's possible to make a classic look better than new and handle like a race car. Creating Full Metal Jacket was like putting the biggest engine we could find in a classic go kart and finishing it off with leather interior. 

After much discussion, we decided that we would use 3 of our favorite strains to create this beauty. Fire OG for the racing engine, DJ Short Blueberry F3 for refined features, and White Widow to make sure the car drives straight.

In our hunt for our a White Widow female we found a few true males, flowered them all and saved the pollen to dust our prized Blueberry cut. The offspring was profound. We then took 5 males and created a romantic rendezvous with our Fire OG female. The results were greatly varied. Due to the open pollinated nature of this breeding project we knew our seeds would be all over the place. We just hoped we would unlock something special. We popped all the seeds and there was one clear winner.  From top-to-bottom, this plant produced prolific artillery shell shaped nuggets that glisten in the shade. Like swollen plums dipped in platinum, these buds are hefty, eye catching and dangerously delicious. The effects are memorable, long lasting and ultimately satisfying.

Tahoe OG - 28.9% THC

In 2005 on a trip through Northern California, we were lucky enough to get our first sample of one of the most memorable buds of all time from this plant. A family friend, who started growing outdoor in 1988 in Truckee, has been committed to this and only this strain in his garden since 1992. As a pure head-stash grower we never blamed him. The strain is remarkable and he mastered growing it. No wonder he never wanted to share it! Every year we would meet up around Christmas to exchange gifts. He would give each of us one cured nugget inside of a clear plastic container used for displaying a collectible baseball. We would stare into the box as if it were a snow globe, admiring the trichromes standing at attention on a massive flower swollen to the size of a major league baseball. We would return home with our presents, open the box and completely obliterate the bud in search of seeds...every single time.  And for 10 years we never found one in his flowers so for 10 years we didn't grow Tahoe OG. We grew other OG's, even other Tahoe OG's in search of a snow globe experience but we were always disappointed. In 2015, our friend began a fight against pancreatic cancer and was no longer able to keep the same garden he once had. After a simple and straightforward conversation, he insisted we become caretakers of his cut and in his words "make sure as many people can enjoy it as possible". We will try our best! 


Purple Ass Cheese = True Heritage Ceeds Double Purple Candy x Chelumbian

Bubblegum- THSeeds non-feminized

Kingdom Kush- Bodhi's Ancient OG x Corleone Kush- Hill Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies(Forum Cut) = Bag seed from Original GSC - 66 days,

23.9% THC, 4.08% Terpenes 

A friend gave us this cut.

When I was a kid I used to think I'd need a lifetime to try all the different types of

cookies in the world. Now that I'm an adult, I know I'll need a lifetime to try all the

types of "cookies" in the Bay Area alone. Platinum Cookies, OGKB Cookies,

Blue Cookies, Do si Dos, Sinmint Cookies, Monster Cookies, Chem Cookies, Cookies

and Cream, Snickerdoodles, and Fig Newtons...you get the idea. There are some great

cookie hybrids out there but sometimes you just want the original. Isn't that what

makes it special? Let's put it this way - when the season rolls around and you have a

craving for Samoas do you buy a Twix bar and a coconut macaroon, smash them

together and pretend it's a Girl Scout Cookie? No. You go get a few boxes of the

REAL DEAL and enjoy them. Our GSC was not created by the "cookie fam" but let's be honest...Girl Scout Cookies aren't made by girl scouts. This is the FORUM CUT that was derived from a seeded bag of the original release of the Girl Scout Cookies, aka Fortune Cookies.

This strain is not the best yielder, needs your support and wants to be spoon fed. That said she produces gorgeous boysenberry, emerald golfballs with the density and weight to crack a windshield. Never short on flavor or potency these hailstones satisfy even the fussiest of smokers and remind us all of the meaning of "head stash".

Power Plant- South African IBL (Long Compact Phenotype) -

Dutch Passion Seed Company - 61 days, 21.5% THC  
A longtime seed breeder (sativa specialist) and friend shared a cut of his true

breeding female with us.  

Seed breeding is part science, part art, and part luck. 
Scientifically hybridized genetics need to line up just right in order to achieve

the desired goal. For example, every zoo wishes they had a pengoala

(penguin + koala) or a hummingphant (humming bird + elephant) and people

would travel across the world to see the Killer Mouse (orca +field mouse).

Scientifically and ethically however, there are many obstacles to the creation

of these creatures. Certain things just don't go together no matter how hard

we force them in the lab.

The largest laboratory in the world continually reminds us that we are not in control. Nature. Nature has shown us that just when you think you have the rules all figured out, the most ludicrous combinations occur. The Liger (lion + tiger) is the world's largest cat and the Pizzly Bear which is the vigorous offspring of a polar bear and Grizzly bear, are real animals. They redefine the rules of categorization and and show us nature's ability to adapt and change.

But change and adaptation are not always what we want. When you adopt a pet you dont go out in search of a dat (dog + cat) or a chickdragon (chicken + bearded dragon). You get a pet that exhibits predictable and consistent behaviour. Dogs are loyal, cats are soft, chickens lay eggs and bearded dragons are...dragons...you get the idea. Sometimes it's best to just let an animal be what it is and let it fully express itself.

That is exactly what Dutch Passion Seed Company has done with the Power Plant strain - let it express itself as a native South African sativa. They discovered this strain in 1997 and immediately protected the genetics. This real deal South African sativa has not been hybridized or otherwise adulterated with other "watered down" genetics. This phenotype is tall but compact and produces an enormous amount of Meyer lemon sized colas covered with saffron and dipped in honey. The flowers smell like a pine forest set ablaze with citronella oil and taste like fresh citrus sorbet with candied grapefruit.  

True Heritage Clones

Grandaddy Purple = Big Bud x Purple Urkle - 60 days, 24.5% THC,

6.37% Terpenes

We acquired this clone as part of a trade with a large scale outdoor grower at the

foothills of the Sierra's.

When Ken Estes shared Grandaddy Purple in 2003 is was an overnight sensation.

Featured on the cover of every marijuana magazine at least once, it has won 

numerous cannabis cups around the nation. Grandaddy Purple is the reason why

when you ask for grapes in California you need to clarify: wine or weed? This

plant prolifically produces juicy purple plums bathed in arctic frost. I'm pretty sure

if you put 5 pounds of Grandaddy Purple in the bottom of a barrel and stomped

them barefoot, you would become so enrobed in intoxicating musky Merlot vapor

you might actually think you are making wine. Your feet might get sore but I bet if

you press hard enough the violaceous fruit from Grandaddy's branches will render an adult version of Welches grape juice. Considering the demand for the real deal GDP, I bet you could even bottle your purplish foot juice and sell it for a premium. I see it already - "Funky Feet Solvent Free Extracts - A step above the rest." And when everyone in the world knows your brand you will know exactly how Grandaddy Purple feels every day.

White Widow = Brazilian Sativa x Indian Indica - 68 days, 22.9% THC 

4.6% Terpenes

After an exhaustive search we came upon this phenotype (seed #3) of White

Widow from Paradise Seeds. 

After growing White Widow for the first time in 2001, we knew we had something

special. The flowers looked like silver Christmas ornaments dipped in honey and

then rolled in sugar. As inexperienced gardeners we lost this strain shortly after

we acquired it. After a few years we missed the "Old Widow" so we shopped

medical dispensaries from Klamath Falls to La Jolla but couldn't seem to find a

clone like the one we once idolized. We found frosty, fruity, furry, and fantastic

but all were falsified notions of the strain we fell in love with. It wasn't until 2012 

when Paradise Seeds released their feminized White Widow that we renewed our hunt. Everyone we knew ordered some beans and we sorted through hundreds of subtle variations. Refusing to compromise, we were getting ready to give up on our dreams of ever running the "Old Widow" again. However, fate would have other plans. A good friend and seed breeder gifted us 4 more feminized seeds from Paradise. As usual we popped all the seeds, grew the plants to maturity, took cuts from all of them and put them into flower. By the 3rd week of flower we were pretty sure we had our "Old Widow" again but in week 6 we knew for sure. This plant can take more time than your average strain to mature but it's worth it. The reward is copiuos quantities of golden terpene-dripping jawbreakers. White Widow is a legend for good reason; she's always dressed to impress, she's affable, and she pushes until the very last day.​​