True Heritage Clones

Sunday, January 31 2016

Resination Haiku

Better Cannabis

Easily Oozes Terpenes

For All To Enjoy

It seems like everyone wants to pretend to be a cannabis seed breeder these days. Buy some seeds online, find a male, pollinate a female...and boom you have a seed company. Then you buy every clone you can from the dispensary, pollinate all of them, come up with some reasoning as to why your male is making all these strains better...and boom you are a legend...right? WRONG! More like you had a bunch of pleasurable but purposeless one night stands and had a bunch of kids you don't plan to raise or be responsible for.

most seeds breeders aren't seeds breeders, they are pollen chuckers...just hoping to get lucky.

True breeding takes years of evolution. Hybridization, backcrossing, open pollination, and purpose driven culling in a controlled environment leads to vigorous plants that express the desired qualities. shit aint easy.

Too often cannabis seed breeders are driven by consumer's tastes forcing them to compromise Creating the "next OG" leads to a watered down gene pool that doesn't do the TRUE OG justicepollen chucking comodification of gentic history and the fickle nature of the strain name game