True Heritage Clones



For the past 12 years we have been purposefully traveling the globe in search of the world's finest cannabis strains. Working in a variety of settings, from light deprivation greenhouses in the Pacific Northwest to dispensaries and warehouses in the Town, we have seen our plants at all stages in many different environments. 

Trading seeds, cuts, labor and knowledge to gain access to some of the strongest, most unique genetics across the world has not been easy (or cheap) but the lessons learned along the way have been invaluable.

The most important lesson: "life is too short to grow crappy cannabis".


Things in the cannabis genetics world are not as straightforward as they seem! 

Ever been sold Chernobyl and had it turn out to be trainwreck?

Ever pay premium for gelato and just get bubblegum?

Ever buy a tray of bubba kush ladies and have them turn out to be Bubba kush boys?

We we don't buy clones anymore.


We make them ourselves. 

Cultivate Better Cannabis


Our prized Mothers and Fathers are grown organically in soil and regularly stimulated by compost tea. Our ladies grow up eating Cutting Edge Solutions nutrients, tea and enjoy a regular misting of seaweed. 

Every strain we possess has been vetted with the highest standards in mind. We don't collect strains because they are fashionable or because they win cups. We don't keep strains that are fragile. We search for strains that excite us and stand out as shining examples of their genetic lineage, deserving preservation.